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Debunking The Five Biggest Myths About Television Advertising

What I’ve done with this post is, I’ve taken some common myths associated with TV and tried to use the data from my analysis to disprove it. Instead of the just showcasing the results, this would be another way of looking at the data which will hopefully give you an idea about how data can aid with story telling.

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TV Attribution – How To Get Started

Knowing how TV attribution works is first step in the right direction. However, a true analytics ninja’s search doesn’t  stop there. As an advertising channel, TV is still the by far the leader in its space. More users are starting to consume TV while surfing the web simultaneously and we as marketers need to be able to measure its impact in real time. 
The big questions is, how does this all come together? Well, let’s dive into it!

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TV Attribution – Understanding The Basic

Second screen viewing has almost become a norm of how TV is being watched these days. If you don’t trust me, google “second screen viewing statistics” and you’ll be blown away with the amount of research out there. As a marketer your ability to track TV’s impact on website traffic and conversions are essential, more so if you are an e-commerce business. Multi-touch attribution as a concept has finally gained momentum with marketers slowly moving away from the last touch world.

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